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Mobile Security Market Set To Hit 2 Billion Including BYOD

When it comes to protecting the enterprise, IT departments are looking beyond the basic, simple security applications, the firm found, with the demand for specialized services beginning to drive the market. In particular, network security, managed security and professional services are set to become the biggest categories for business-to-business mobile security.
Bundled network security, which includes unified threat management, deep packet inspection, virtual private networks and remote device management, will become ever-more important. Increasingly, mobile security is concentrating on services for mobile device, identity and authentication management, as well as for audits, certification and consulting.
The market will continue to tick upward as mobile threats proliferate, and proliferate they have: the number of unique mobile threats has grown by a whopping 261% in just two quarters.
Those companies who have yet to face up to the BYOD challenge and determine who in their organisation is currently engaging in BYOD are potentially going to face real problems very soon. But the future of BYOD depends upon the viability of long term plans regarding security. The risk of data loss is enormous and there are many industries where this is simply not a risk which can be taken. The loss of personal information for instance can be a major cause of legal action and because so many companies now hold private details of clients (including financial information) this is an important reason for taking BYOD and security very seriously.
Each company will have their own and very unique set of needs regarding BYOD and as long as there is a need for BYOD, then there will be the need to create effective solutions for all eventualities. Companies need to assess different providers and work together to create the best solutions for all concerned.

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