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Blackberry Making A Comeback

BlackBerry is alive and kicking. BlackBerry said that KPMG’s Italian operations have ordered 3,500 BlackBerry 10 devices and have committed to using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage its mobile devices.

BlackBerry acknowledges that BB10’s adoption rate has been slower than expected, though that may be an understatement: of the 5.9 million phones it sold between June and the end of August, 4.2 million were devices running BlackBerry 7, its old operating system. Blackberry 7 remains far more successful. Blackberry 7 phones are 72% of their sales. They can’t afford to stop selling them.

The new BlackBerry Z30 comes with a five-inch screen, improved battery life and faster processor than the models released earlier this year. BlackBerry says the Z30 will be stocked by other Canadian carriers, including Bell and Telus, as well as retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop. Prices will be set by the various retailers.

Blackberry Z30 is ideal for business as blackberry has always been. The QWERTY keyboards and emphasis on email and messaging meant that IT departments fell in love with the company as it was ideal for the mobile worker. The BlackBerry Z30 is a device that is well suited for business users. BlackBerry Enterprise backs up the BB Z30.

BlackBerry’s secure enterprise network holds the most value for a potential buyer in the smartphone industry. The enterprise market is however seeing companies increasingly being open about employees bringing their own devices to work. BlackBerry could still benefit from having a large installed BES base with a proven mobile device management software that now has cross-platform support.

Lenova is considering a purchase of Blackberry, adding that the firm has signed a non-disclosure agreement to look at the smartphone maker’s books. It is unclear if Lenova’s primary interest is in BlackBerry’s hardware or software expertise. Lenova would consider an acquisition to boost its presence in the US.

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