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Archive All Electronically Stored Information

It is the organization’s responsibility to archive all electronic communication.

Does your firm comply with the proper guidelines and following regulations(FRCP, FINRA, HIPPA, SEC, Dodd-Frank Act, Public Record Laws and several others depending on industry)?

Electronic communication includes email, social media, text messages, instant messages, and mobile voice calls.

According to the “Federal Rules of Civil Procedure” (FRCP), organizations have a “Duty to Preserve” all Electronically Stored Information (ESI). “The amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) describe the duty to preserve potential evidence when litigation can be reasonably anticipated.” If you are involved in potential litigation, you will need to be able to quickly and easily access, search, place litigation holds and publish ESI, otherwise, your organization could face fines, sanctions and other similar penalties.

SEC Rule 17a-3: Requires the production of such records.

FINRA Regulatory Notice 07-59: Provides guidance for the review and supervision of electronic communications. For purposes of the FINRA guidance, “electronic communications,” “email” and “electronic correspondence” “may be used interchangeably and can include such forms of electronic communications as instant messaging and text messaging.”

MobileGuard helps protect your organization because all electronic communications, such as email, social media and mobile communications are safely archived and easily retrievable. All content is searched and delivered in seconds showing the complete conversation thread. As a result, all electronic communication is readily discoverable and exportable for eDiscovery.

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