Enterprise Is The New Niche Market For Galaxy Smartphones

Enterprise Smartphones

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 in March. What most people don’t realize is there are actually five Galaxy S4 models. There’s the standard 5-inch model, the 4.3-inch Mini, a ridiculously almost tablet sized 6.3-inch called the Mega, and an elite camera phone named the Zoom. Last, but certainly not least, there is the Galaxy S4 Active, a water-resistant model that makes all other smartphones feel vulnerable to any/all types of damage.

Divide and conquer is the current strategy of smartphone makers. Not so long ago, all were amazed and jealous by the magnificent iPhone. Manufacturers were forced to turn to niche markets, where there are fewer competitors and customers are more likely to pay a bit extra for an expensive new gadget. Some tangential markets have yet to be really explored. The decline of Blackberry has left a gaping hole for enterprise compliant devices. Businesses have embraced the iPhone and Android devices. Currently Apple is a consumer facilitating company, unlikely to embrace the business world’s inclination for email friendly keyboards, advanced security and close integration with company regulations and mandates. Android is unfortunately regarded as unsecured and Windows Phones is mostly limited to unattractive colored handsets.

This means there may be a window of opportunity for some new competitor; or for an old one to make a comeback. Who will rise to the occasion?

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