More and more employees as well as customers are turning to their mobile devices for all kinds of communication: email, SMS, voice calls, social networking and mobile internet. In fact, many analysts say that mobile internet users exceeds desktop internet users. However, while enterprises are now monitoring and archiving the electronic communications on their work force’s desktops and laptops, many employees are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to communicate with customers, colleagues and prospects.

Much of this is not being monitored thus putting the employee and the company in a compromising situation which could lead to serious financial loss and incredible fines. Unfortunately, many companies disable this functionality on the devices, and even implement strict corporate policies around the use of mobile devices, but that limits the employees’ interactions with their most important constituents, their customers.

MobileGuard Compliance solutions provide a solution that allows companies to establish a meaningful and effective internal compliance policy regarding mobile devices and meets government and legal compliance mandates. The MobileGuard Compliance solution provides capturing, monitoring, logging, archiving, supervision and alerting of communication for Text Messages, (SMS), Instant Messages, Voice, Call Logs and Social Networking on all company mobile devices in an organizations both large and small.

MobileGuard provides the solution for Iphone monitoring, Android monitoring, and BlackBerry monitoring. Mobile regulations and laws require mobile recording which includes text message monitoring as well as mobile voice recording. MobileGuard is the leading solution for mobile management for enterprise.

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