February 5, 2016 Kevin

NetGuard by MobileGuard-A Network-based Mobile Compliance Solution

MobileGuard, a pioneer in mobile archiving and compliance, has expanded its compliance solution capabilities. NetGuard uniquely enables text message archiving on iPhones, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices without the need for any app or virtual number, making NetGuard a one of a kind archiving system. Additionally, NetGuard provides seamless integration with your MDM solution to create a unified mobile compliance solution.

NetGuard, integrates at the wireless carrier tier, allowing enterprises to deploy iPhones, among other devices capable of sending and receiving text messages. Once devices are provisioned, each user leverages the native text messaging apps on those devices and the SMS and MMS messages are archived. The solution is a comprehensive compliance solution for Government, Financial Services and Enterprise that provides unified, device independent, real-time monitoring, alerts, capture, archival and analysis for any mobile device.

Patented Archiving Solution
– Capture SMS and MMS messages on iPhones and other mobile devices
– No app install is required

– Easy provisioning via text message

– Conversation threading available

– Cloud-hosted and on premise deployment options available

– Compliant offering for financial and government sectors– Capture SMS and MMS

“Closed-System Architecture“ Solution
NetGuard provides users a solution to archiving SMS and MMS messages sent and received from devices operating with a Closed-System Architecture”. NetGuard is the only solution on the market with the ability to capture messages from Apple’s “Closed-System Architecture” operating system (iOS). Similarly, NetGuard can capture messages from Windows operating system. MobileGuard’s patented IP and global partnerships help provide the NetGuard service for iPhone and other devices giving clients a complete solution for monitoring, capturing and supervising text messages. SMS and MMS messages are identified, collected, and archived in a format that is easily accessible, allowing companies to establish meaningful internal compliance policies. MobileGuard’s NetGuard solution ensures all mobile devices meet compliance mandates from relevant regulatory bodies using a universal platform that works with all of your companies Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.

Cloud Based or On-Premises Storage
Whether using company-owned or BYOD, the MobileGuard team of development engineers will lead your company through specific requirements, customizations and implementations to give your organization a robust and complete mobile compliance solution within days. MobileGuard’s mobile electronic communication compliance solutions are provided as “On-Premises” or cloud solution depending on the size of the population.

For added security, MobileGuard offers an On-Premises solution where archived messages are sent from the carrier level directly to a companies on-sight servers providing additional safeguards for data and privacy protection. Many large organizations (over 200 devices) in the financial services industry and in government have opted to use this technology for additional mobile security.

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