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Apple iPhone IOS Enterprise Use and Mobile Compliance

iPhone Monitoring

With the increase,  (daily) into the enterprise marketplace, Apple’s IOS is missing a major feature prohibiting the use of iPhone’s as it pertains to the Electronic Communications Compliance rules and regulations for archiving and monitoring messages.  Presently, there is no way for a compliance solution like TextGuard to be able to capture the incoming and outgoing messages on the iPhone device.

Companies in every industry face many legal and regulatory challenges when it comes to electronically stored information (ESI) and messaging.  This does not change when that information is on a smartphone or PDA.  All US based companies are required to comply with the E-Discovery requirements of FINRA, FRCP as well as  Sarbanes-Oxley. Several industries impose additional complicated burdens due to sensitivity and risk. The financial services and healthcare industries face the most rigorous requirements and penalties for non compliance.

iPhone has been ranked as the most popular smartphone for both enterprise users as well as consumers.  In fact, the overall consensus is that with the exception of battery life, satisfaction is close to 100%!   However, don’t ask the legal department or compliance administrators at companies who have employees using their iPhones for work.  They continue to be challenged as to how to monitor and archive the SMS messages which are being sent to and from the device.

We continue to (try to) work with Apple in allowing the required API’s for developers / users as well as the carriers who will also benefit from a mobile compliance solution for the Apple iPhone.  Please contact me if you would like to be informed of any updates as things progress.

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